Today was a very good day. Adam and I did some team work renovating and it felt good to just be us. We weren't grieving parents or individuals, we were just homeowners trying to be productive and work around nap time. We laughed, broke a sweat, grunted over concrete floors and carpet tacks, and let Audrey watch way too much Beauty and the Beast. It was so normal; so perfectly normal and it wasn't even sad. Audrey is still quick to remind us of George Mason and his love. Some days that's hard and I wish it wasn't her go to, but on busy days like today, I'm thankful for her innocent spirit and the precious little reminders of her baby brother.  

One of our friends welcomed a new baby girl this week. We are actually surrounded by growing families. Each of these little growing lives is so wonderfully loved and celebrated already. God put us here, in the middle of all of these growing families and I couldn't be more grateful. Some times it seems impossible to love these precious babes while mine is in heaven, but most times I'm just really thankful for the cries and the coos of new life. Babies are so helpless and trusting. They are such a tangible way of seeing how helpless I am but how trusting I can - and should - be of my God. 

We wrapped up the day with friends and there was such joy to be shared. The various sounds of what seems like a million little girls and the chatter of community. God has given us a wonderful group of people to call our friends. But friends doesn't quite describe what these relationships are. They are life giving, full of laughter, shoulders to cry on, ready to cry with us, and fully worthy of celebrating. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I know there will always be hard days but I also know there will be so many more good days. Our future is God's. He has promised it to us. His gift to us through our community is such a blessing. Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful gift.

This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!