This is life for us. A marker where a living baby (now toddler) should be. Isn’t the life and color striking against the metal? Life and death in the same breath. Grief has consumed a lot of our last 2 - really 4 - years, yet there’s always this vibrant life happening deep inside our souls. A life that we’ve been entrusted with carrying out to the fullest for our Savior. For even when the hardest moments hit with their heaviest weight, we have the cross and the resurrection and everything is made new. We don’t get to visit this marker very often and that’s ok. It’s not my son’s home. But it is wonderful to have a piece of this earth that is dedicated just to our son. Our living family has their very breath that lays claim to their piece of the earth. From the playful footsteps of childhood to the purposeful decisions of adulthood, we are constantly making a mark and shaping our environment. We are living out our story and {hopefully} furthering God’s kingdom. I don’t know where my ashes will lie when it’s time for me to meet my Savior, but it doesn’t even matter. Because God will welcome me into the gates of Heaven. Just like He did with my son. And every other believer for all of time. I’d say that’s pretty awesome. So for now, we will bring a little bit of life to the tiny piece of earth that has our son’s name on it. We will cling to our Savior in the good and the bad. The hard times and the easier ones. And we will be thankful for the reminders of who our God is - because even flowers and graves bear His name.